Drop-shipping benefits

1.What is drop shipping?

Dropship means a reseller instruct their wholesale counterpart, which may be located in a duty free zone, to ship out orders according to the reseller and delivering directly to their customers. The reseller does not actually take the job of stocking, packaging and shipping.Wholesale on the other hand means buying products in bulks and get a discount from it, then retailing it one at a time to make a profit. This is the conventional way of retail business.With the internet kicking in around the world, drop-shipping does make sense after all. Most drop ship services only exist hand in hand with the internet so no one will know that you don't keep an inventory on-hand. You won't be able to sell products with your conventional store front without products, right?

2.How does your drop shipping work? Who will be the sender?
Refer drop ship page for the details. In order to make the packages pass custom smoothly, sender will neither be us nor you, it will be a person who works in EMS or Post office. For DHL, the sender can only be Fashion Wholesale (without our website address). 

3.I’m afraid my customers will know your website if I use drop shipping?
Do not worry that your customers will know our website. We won’t write sender as ourselves, and there won’t be any information about us in the package. It will be perfect if you can leave us a note of "drop shipping" when you palce the order at our website.

4.Does Bags-wholesale accept drop shipping?

Drop shipping has been common on Bags-wholesale. In your profile, you can just fill in the Consignee  address as your customers and the billing address as yours.

5.What are the advantages of dropshipping?
You, as the dropshipping agent, have a way to earn some spare money, having no start-up costs, no overhead, no packaging costs or headaches, and can create an extremely useful relationship with us.

6.Who can use drop-shipping?
Dropshipping is suited for anyone looking to be a retailer, particularly startup companies and existing businesses looking to expand. Dropshipping can help smaller businesses have more access to dropship wholesale distributors that they otherwise may not be able to work with.

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